Floating Market Pattaya 


Floating Market Pattaya

Floating market PattayaThe floating market opened for business in 2010 and has grown rapidly into the largest in Thailand and also into Pattaya's biggest single tourist attraction. It now covers over 60 Rai, that is 25 acres or 100,000 square meters.

It is located on the main Sukhumvit Road (Highway 3) about 6 kilometers from the center of the city.

It is also known as Four Regions market as the original concept was to highlight the cultures and traditions of the Central, Northern, North Eastern and Southern areas of Thailand. The market is separated into four zones each one representing one of the four areas.

Initially entry was free for all but now non Thais have to pay a 200 Baht entry fee. Although it is bad business this dual pricing is sadly standard throughout Thailand. Thais just don't seem to understand that it is bad for their country's image and that most tourists consider it a rip off. Indeed the visitor numbers have fallen dramatically since the entry fee for foreigners was introduced. After all, why would people pay to walk around a shopping mall? There are certain exceptions to this dual pricing as you can see below.

Shops, stalls and attractions

At the time of writing there were approximately 120 shops and stalls plus the floating boats selling goods and food. However according to shop owners we have spoken to this number is likely to fall, rather than incrase, due to decreasing visitor numbers and high rents being charged.

Entry Pricing

Thais - free
Foreigners - 200 Baht
Foreigners with a Thai driving license or work permit - free
Foreigners who purchase a Floating Market Members Card - free but the card must b shown on each visit.


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